Corporate Social Responsibility

Conscience consumption habits are needed to protect the environment and maintain adequate labour standards. It is this principle that underpins out CSR strategy. It is important for us to contribute in any way possible, with the fight against the numerous social problems we meet.


Bi-annually, we practice the ‘See Now, Buy Now’ collection release methodology. Collections are launched at the start of each specific season, respectively. We hope this encourages other creators to do the same. We believe that 'fashion on-demand' is the future, for this industry.
Human Rights and labour standards

We believe that the working conditions of all fashion production line employees, across the globe, must be carefully reviewed and monitored periodically, to ensure a high standard of health, safely and fair pay.

Fast fashion is fuelled by our disposable consumption habits and shorter production cycles. Together, they are putting an enormous pressure on our planet. We observe the merits of technological advances that facilitate fast production, however, we must reconsider and actively alter our habits. We must hold onto our fashion items for longer, wear them more often and really understand the origins and production processes.

More specifically, within digital fashion print, we are actively finding ways to reduce the wastage that occurs due to multiple colour strike offs created to reach the end print. Additionally, we  believe that fertilizers must not be used to accelerate cotton production and are actively seeking ways in which we can bring attention to this issue.


We believe that one should help where it is possible and that this applies to individual persons as well as companies.