We all have stories that shape the person that we are, at one moment in time. Whether it is a joyous event that pivots our life positively or a ‘not so ideal’ event which makes us a little unsure about things. As we continue to evolve, it becomes important to reflect on how we wear the events that sculpt our presence.

Scarves can be worn in many different ways. As can the emotions that we experience, daily. Here at Print Theorem HQ we are interested to hear your stories. We ask you to highlight an emotion that has shaped you, or an event that has been formative. You can be as abstract or as descriptive as you like. 

tag us @printtheorem and add #HowDoYouWearYours to your story

In an era where technology products and social media channels are claiming a large proportion of our time and energy. We invite you to take a moment, to look inwards.